A Personal Message From Dan Betz


Dear Friend,

Three beliefs led to the creation of Performance Motivation, Inc.

The first one is my belief that Everybody Has Within Them a Sleeping Giant.  And that once awakened, this giant would give them the awesome power to achieve outstanding personal success, remarkable contribution, and a life of joy.

The second one is my firm belief that Effective Individual Leadership is The Way to Obtain Personal and Business Success. (It’s how you purposefully wake up and guide the sleeping giant within you.)

And the third one is, “Performance is The Only Thing That Counts”.

With these beliefs in mind, Performance Motivation, Inc. was founded to assist others in developing the characteristics that would lead them to the fulfillment of their personal and business dreams.  Therefore, our purpose and company slogan is:

“Getting People to Live Their Dreams.

To accomplish this lofty ideal, I reasoned it would be imperative for me to use a time-tested, proven method as a platform for effective personal leadership development.  I searched for it, found it and determined to use it as the foundation for helping others expand their leadership attributes.

This leadership program has a track record second to none.  Participants use it as the path to effective personal leadership development.  And the methods lead to enhanced leadership qualities and exciting achievement.

What sets us apart is this: This leadership program is a life changing solution.  It’s not a temporary fix, fad or band-aid approach.  In fact, this system is known to increase individual success and motivation over a person’s entire lifetime.  And, it’s been time-tested to do so for the past fifty-three years.   For comparison purposes, I’ll stack that record against anyone’s track record.  In regards to leadership development success, it meets the standard of  “performance is the only thing that counts”.

A Solution that Works:  This, “living your dreams”,  is a simple concept, and yet, millions of folks struggle to actually make it happen.  So it’s simple, but difficult to do.  Our program changes this; it produces and brings forth from you a strong focus, a realistic strategy, and motivation to achieve your goals.  Use the leadership principles consistently with constancy of purpose and you’ll create life changing results.

One problem I face is convincing people of the benefits of using the program.  The resistance I encounter is understandable because anybody promising to get you to live your dreams is viewed skeptically because this sounds like trite, grandiose, hyperbole, the same you’ve heard proclaimed by many and often.  However, the truth is this method works (See the Testimonials here (LINK)).  The program’s purpose isn’t to inspire you and shove you off; on the contrary, it was purposefully developed to change you and with that it changes your life.  It wakes up your sleeping giant!

I am convinced of the validity of this to the point where I will personally guarantee you this: if you faithfully follow our plan as outlined, you can expect to:

Achieve measurable results toward your objectives
Enhance the positive leadership qualities you already possess
Create real results with change that’s lasting
Gain greater control over your life and improve your situation
Magnify your inner strengths and learn to organize for success
Develop the skills and attitudes that will bring you exciting achievement
Achieve peak performance and get the most out of life.

I can make this promise because I know what this program has done for many others. Therefore, I’m convinced it will work for anyone who follows through in using it.

This platform is one of the very finest self-development programs ever created.  I believe it is by far, the best personal development program in the world.

If you are not now making the progress you want to make and are capable of making, this program will help you change this.

In addition, we add a coach to make it work; because, “most people left to their own devices will fail.”

Thank You for your interest in Performance Motivation, Inc.

Positively and Sincerely yours,

Daniel L. Betz
The Leader’s Coach — “Getting People to Live Their Dreams”


“Compared to what we ought to be we are only half awake.”
–William James