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Performance Motivation, Inc. is a Leadership Development and Consulting Company providing leadership success programs for businesses and individuals.

Our firm belief in building strong customer relationships and integrity to the highest standards of professionalism–is what distinguishes us–from start to finish!

Another thing that sets us apart is this: Our leadership programs are a life changing solution.  They’re not a temporary fix, fad or band-aid approach.  In fact, this system is known to increase individual success and motivation over a person’s entire lifetime.  And, it’s been time-tested to do so for the past fifty-three years.  For comparison purposes, I’ll stack that record against anyone’s track record.  In regards to leadership development success, it meets the standard of  “performance is the only thing that counts”.

° Strategy    ° Motivation    ° Success

A Solution that Works:  Our programs provide you with the finest leadership principles.  So, you’ll develop a strong focus, organize a realistic strategy, and become motivated to achieve your goals.  Use these leadership principles consistently with constancy of purpose and you’ll Close Achievement Gaps and Create Life Changing Results too .

“These tools and technologies change lives; they get people to succeed”

Our Business is Getting People to Live Their Dreams

  • Snap-out of Your Inertia
  • Be More Successful
  • Attain Peak Performance
  • Get the Most Out of Life!

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Daniel L. Betz
The Leader’s Coach — “Getting People to Live Their Dreams”

I enjoy helping people learn effective principles that lead to enhanced leadership qualities and exciting achievement.

The company’s purpose is, “Getting People to Live Their Dreams.” 

To accomplish this goal, Performance Motivation, Inc. provides a platform for effective personal leadership development — and our methods work.

If you are not now making the progress you want to make and are capable of making, our program can help you change this.

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