Happiness–A Natural High

Be Happy, it’s More Fun and it Attracts More Good to You Now! By doing the things suggested herein, you will continue to grow and succeed and be happy…on and on, all the days of your life. Now, that’s as good a ride in life as you’re going to find. And it’s a natural high. And there’s not a drink or a drug that can top it. Are you ready to get happy now? How to Acquire the Habit of Happiness Can you make yourself happy? Yes, to a large extent you can; and we often try to do so by using external devices, eating, entertainment, romantic love, sex, smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs, music, movies, vacations, holiday celebrations, etc. Of course, you can engage in fun, clean, wholesome activities, festivals, parties, vacations, various amusements and entertainment venues, and any hobby or recreational activities you enjoy, and be happy. Continue reading

A Formula to Live Your Dreams

Positive Expectation in Action Reaching your planned destinations is living on purpose.  And, living up to your predetermined standards, living purposefully with joy, happiness and in harmony with those you love, is a wonderful way to experience life.  This is positive expectation in action–creating your reality, purposefully. Positive expectation is belief.  And, when you believe you can do it, you can begin.  Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation International, said something to the effect that,  “Beginning a journey is ninety percent of success.  If you begin, you’ve got it licked.   But then of course, don’t quit.  Because ninety percent of all failure comes from quitting.”   And he continues, “If you want a formula that’ll eliminate most of all the failures you ever have the rest of your life simply say, ‘I’m going to begin today and I’m not going to quit.’  And you’ve wiped out most Continue reading