How to Get Ahead Faster and Be Happy

Would you like to know how to get ahead faster and be happy while doing so?  Of course who doesn’t?


Here’s a technique you can use immediately to begin to create the life you want and be happy now!

Let’s begin with


Everything’s Repetition and so, Happiness is Repetition, and Success is Repetition.

Think about it…

Repetition has produced everything and everything is repetition.

lego pyramidtrainrep1  rep3 rep4 woodrep2

The Universe is repetition.


The World is repetition.


You are


I am


It’s repetition of the hammer that builds the building.


It’s repetition of the jack Hammer and wrecking ball that tear down the building.


Repetition, it rings the school bell


And it’s the repetition of fuel explosions that powers our cars, and

Digs the ditch and

Plows the farm field, and

plants the corn, and

harvests the corn, and

Repetition of chewing eats the corn.

Repetition, it’s Walking and Talking

and Swimming and …

Sand is created by it


weight gained by it


and Exercising and building muscle and losing weight too.

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By repetition of Nuclear Reaction the Sun sends waves of  heat and light and life.


And some of those sun rays fall on an elephant–A giant adult circus elephant.


The Circus Elephant Story

Have you ever seen a huge circus elephant?   The adult can easily lift 2000 lbs with its trunk!  And yet, the circus trainers keep them in one place with a small wooden stake – a stake that they could easily pull out.

ele b

So how does that happen?  Well, when the elephant is a baby it is tethered, by its ankle, to an immovable object, with a heavy steel chain.  Thus held for most of its young life, by the time it is an adult, it is conditioned to believe that it cannot escape when tied at the ankle.  Thus, by repetition, the elephant is conditioned and held in place.

*Now, I want you to hold on to that thought–because that is the first puzzle piece.


Repetition of Thought Conditions and Controls our Behavior

Thought repetition—equals moods and actions.  Let’s explore further.

Do you know how to make yourself feel bad?

I’ll bet you do, in fact, if you’re like most people, I’ll bet you’re an expert at it.

Consider this:

Negative Movies

Have you ever become upset by something someone does or says and then allowed it to distract you from your plans, upset your mood, or ruin your day?


“But, ‘he stepped on my toe!’

‘She gave me the sign!’

‘Cut me off in traffic!’

‘He kicked my cat!’

‘She kicked my cat!”


Then you repetitively run this thought movie over and over in your head until it literally ruins your day.  Have you ever done this?  And sometimes you continue,

Over and over you dwell on it and a seething anger builds up inside of you.  You go home that night and play it over and over again, on and on and on!

Why you’d think it was the best picture in town!


Then you’re lying in bed at night and you even invent a sequel, it’s the revenge sequel:


“I’m going to get even, he kicked my cat, I’m going to kick his cat”

It’s crazy!

But now you can use it to your benefit by realizing: you are in charge!

You’re the projectionist; and so, you get to select the movie, right?


So why not the next time it happens (someone offends you) and from here on out, you purposely play a mental movie you’ll enjoy?

It’s simple, what you do is this: When you catch yourself repetitively playing a negative mental movie, switch it to a positive mental movie.

First you have to create one, so you can have it ready to go for just such an occasion.  So now you build a positive movie for your mental movie file.  (To insure it’s effective you want to develop it and play it, and make sure it works for you.

Positive Movies


Here’s a little trick you can use to not only save your day, but propel you in the direction of your ideal lifestyle.

Create your very own happy movie.

Here’s how, see in your mind’s eye a mental movie of you doing what you really enjoy doing, and being with who you love being with.  See yourself in your idyllic lifestyle doing what you love and being with who you love. Keep playing this movie and then, by experimenting with your thoughts, condensing it to a one (1) minute movie script.

This one (1) minute movie, when played in your mental vision, must make you happy.  This is your Happy Movie.

Fireworks abundance potgoldlove

Now, make a second one (1) minute movie outlining your most ardent desire.  This will be your Achievement Movie.

Make it the theme of your most ardent long-range goal.  Something you want to accomplish or have in the next three to five years.

Make it the last scene of the last act—the scene that most exemplifies what you want.  It’s you on the trip, with your family, in your home, winning a contest,

Make it an exciting, sensory filled mind’s eye visual that shows you getting what you want, and living the life of your dreams.

You increase its power by shrinking it down to one (1 ) minute in total thought time.

This is your Achievement movie.


**These positive movies are the second puzzle piece.


Now to put it all together.

Combine Repetition with Positive Movies to Be Happy and Live Successfully (Put the puzzle pieces together.)

puzzle together

Make it your habit, like brushing your teeth, to run/play your achievement movie two to three times per day.  (It only takes 1-2 minutes each time you do so. So time is not a problem in doing this habit.)


And use your happy movie to replace your, “he kicked my cat”, negative movie.  Whenever you catch yourself running a negative movie, switch it to your happy movie.

And experiment running your new mental movies back to back.  This will get you in a good mood and refocus your mind on doing things to progress towards your dreams or keep you on track.   To repeat,

Be sure to run your movies whenever you are down, sad, mad, running negative movies, etc.  And make it a habit to watch your Achievement Movie three times every day.

By doing so, you will control your conditioning, your moods and thoughts.  And by controlling your mental conditioning, moods and thoughts

you will control your actions and thereby your destiny,

All—by simply taking control of the repetition in your life!

Do it now: Start today and begin to use repetition effectively to live out your mental movie in reality.  This is you living your LifeVision.  Play the movie, control your mood, determine the actions that will make it happen, take such actions repetitively, repeat, repeat, repeat.  That’s effective use of repetition and the best way to use the time of your life.

In short, you use repetition to accomplish the stuff in your movie, your one-unwavering aim, your LifeVision.


Look, what I’m trying to say is simply this: “don’t be like the circus elephants.”

You can control your conditioning and your moods and actions and destiny—by taking control of the repetition in your life!

brain  dr evil

If you are serious about living your dreams I urge you to Start Now!  Do it now!  NOW!



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