Seven Steps to Achieve Your Desire

How to Achieve What You Desire 1. Keep your Ambition on the Fore Front of your Mind. 2. Give Strong Direction to Yourself by setting appropriate goals to achieve your aim. 3. Take Actions toward obtaining your aspiration. 4. Utilize Feedback Frequently: Results Vs. Goals, to correct course as required. 5. Use Repetition of Actions and Thought to create desired results. Use this awesome power of repetition to control yourself, develop helpful habits, take required actions, and repeat the cycle until you accomplish your desire. (Link) 6. Make discipline to helpful habits your daily partner. (repetition via discipline to habits to results) 7. Memorize and use Napoleon Hill’s Seventeen (17) Success Principles. Use these frequently to review and analyze your thoughts, plans, actions, and progress; and use them to correct deficiencies as they become apparent to you. This is a great way to do a monthly or quarterly Continue reading