The Vital Ingredients of Personal Success

  1.  A Vision for your life—you must know what you want overall; what’s the big picture for you?
  2. A Crystal Clear Understanding and Awareness of your Highest Values—know what you cherish above all else.
  3. Goals set to achieve your vision and current adventure;—and Plans to accomplish your current mission.  Knowledge of a goal setting system–from dreams to daily action list.
  4. Self-discipline combined with effective Time Management Principles—empowering you with excellent self-control as you swim through the trial of life.
  5. Accept Personal Responsibility for your life and use Personal Dynamism to achieve your goals.  “Snap-out ” of your inertia; and, don’t blame anyone or thing for outcomes (at least not very much or for very long).
  6. Self-knowledge—to know yourself and your position (standing, location, attitude, etc.) and understand the difference between where you are now, compared to your destination.
  7. Live with Honor—aspire to make a difference and to do your utmost to be an example of personal excellence; personal honor is vital to high self-esteem and a well lived life.
  8. Integrity—uprightness of moral character, dependability, honesty and consistency in behavior, is the mark of a sound mind, a reliable person and a good life.
  9. Rational Thinking—the absolutely critical attribute to intelligent decision-making.
  10. Invincible Determination—how else will you endure and do whatever it takes to climb your personal mountain and achieve your vision.
  11. Hold Fast to the Golden Rule–treat others the way you want to be treated, with due respect and honor.

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